Remote Insert Agent - Quickstart Guide

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Download and unzip the correct installer from the CineX Suite Current Software downloads page:


CineXtools allows the creation of a patch file that can be patched into an existing file by a third party. For the third party to insert this patch without a copy of CineXtools, they must install CineX Agent on their local machine and perform the patch insert.

Through this process, the entire file only needs to be sent once and subsequent updates can be sent as patches that are a tiny fraction of the size, saving money and especially time on export, upload and download. To generate an insertable file, here are instructions for creating a remote insert job for the CineX Agent in CineXtools.

The editor who generates the the patch file in CineXtools should send a link to this walkthrough to the third party performing the remote insert.

Usage outline:

To apply patches with the agent, the third party must:

  1. Install the Agent on their Mac or PC

  2. Download the viewing (program) file (which the editor will provide)

  3. When changes/updates are created and sent (by the editor), the third party should download just the zip file containing the patch and unzip

  4. Run the cxt_agent.txt file in the unzipped folder

Downloading the viewing (program) file:

The editor should share a link to the program file which must then be downloaded a laptop or workstation, or could even just be in a shared location on a network.

Downloading the patch file:

The editor should share a link to the patch file, which consists of 1) the video and audio file(s) that contain the changes and 2) a file called “cxt_agent.cxt” that contains instructions for the update, including start tc and duration of the insert, which tracks are affected, etc

Inserting the patch:

Using the patch is as simple as unzipping it, double-clicking the cxt_agent.cxt file, then selecting the program file to update. You may also force it to create a copy of the program file and then applying the update to the copy, leaving the original unchanged.

  1. Double-click the [patch_name].zip file to unzip


  2. Open the folder containing the patch and agent


  3. Double click the cxt_agent.cxt file which will open the CineX Agent applet with the stored settings. What to do if the doubleclick does not open the agent: ]


  4. The dialog has 3 components:

    a. Target (program) file selection

    b. Checkbox to force creation of a copy

    c. Commit button that initiates the update

  5. Select the target (program) file using the open dialog, choose whether to make a copy before the update and then press “commit


After commit, you can open the file in a viewer such as CineX Meta, VLC or Quicktime player and see the change.