CineX Tools Release Notes

Version 2.0.13 Official Release

  • Default trial mode have been added with 5mins file length

Version 2.0.12 Official Release

  • Fixed issue with licensing

Version 2.0.10 Official Release

Major updates:

  • XDCAM Insert Improvements

  • HE AAC support

  • allow FHD frames for ex1440 export


[CXT-467] playhead positioning fixes

[CXT-486] mov atoms corruption fix

[CXT-494] no audio mov crash

[CXT-472] fix mono pcm

[CXT-469] allow file info use decoders

[CXT-477] xdcam insert incomplete table issue

[CXT-482] reel id display

[CXT-481][RWP-18] unsupported file crash

[CXT-489] fixed insert to last frame

[CXT-473] 60p Timecodes support


[SME-269][SME-270][CXT-483] HE AAC support

[SME-271] fix handling metadata trim

[SME-298] Allow gama and colr atoms exists simulteniously

[SME-300] hide unused buttons

[SME-303] fix rating flags displaying

[SME-299] fixed url to check updates

[SME-302] start offset fix

AMA Plugin:

[AMA-60] old xdcam license check

[AMA-56][ADB-35] allow FHD frames for ex1440 export

[AMA-61] xdcam footer table parse

[AMA-62] preserve system pack xdcam insertVersion 2.0.7 Official Release

Version 2.0.7 Official Release

CineXtools, CineXmeta, AMA Plugin, Adobe Plugin, Resolve Plugin:

[RP-11] Licensing for Resolve Plugin

[SW-104] Licensing for CinexTools, CineXmeta, AMA Plugin, Adobe Plugin

Version 2.0.6 Official Release


[CXT-440] mov uncompressed

[CXT-436] xdcam insert crash

[CXT-434] cc file corrupt

[CXT-435] fix audio inserts from sources with aac encoded audio

[CXT-427] cc editor preserve vchip

[CXT-421] rovi 13.0 version update

[CXT-342] progressive interlaced inserts

[CXT-430][SW-89] multi target def audio routing

[CXT-442] vbr flag fix

AMA Plugin:

[AMA-57] vbr flag fix

Adobe Plugin:

[ADB-25] xdcam fixes

Version 1.9.98 Official Release

Major updates:

  • UI color, contrast and text size change.

  • Major rework of CEA608 CC parser

[CXT-366] Fixed an issue with copying 608 service to 708 service
[CXT-364] Fixed transcoder audio routing for DPP AS-11 files in DPP tab
[CXT-358] Added 16ch Audio layouts for DPP when transcoding from files with <16ch
[CXT-244] Fixed issue with trim start TC always being set to the file’s original start TC
[CXT-375] Fixed H264 License issue
[CXT-223] Fixed Closed Captions tab thumbnails
[CXT-HOTFIX] Fixed typos and other text issues
[CXT-HOTFIX] Fixed LPCM audio flag reading for certain MOV-wrapped files
[CXT-337] Added trim/concatenate bitrate mode pass
[CXT-291] Fixed restripe feature for op1a SMPTE timecode track (was N-1)
[CXT-HOTFIX] Fixed DPP XML “Textless” field parsing
[CXT-315] Fixed one frame playback for loop playback mode
[CXT-275] Removed unused values from codec quality selections
[CXT-178] h264 software encoder added
[CXT-330] Disabled wav selection availability for non-audio insert
[CXT-324] Fixed colorspace conversion for DPP transcoder
[CXT-327] DPP programs count fix
[CXT-326] Fixed Prores PAL resolution
[CXT-HOTFIX] Fixed DPP xml parsing
[CXT-321] Fixed insert for certain non-xdcam files
[CXT-300] Fixed multi-insert duration (was N-1)
[CXT-316] Fixed empty mca descriptor for some MXF files
[CXT-186] Fixed audio noise after insert in some XDCAM MXF files
[CXT-302] Added licensing for H264 insert feature
[CXT-292] Removed zero CC flag for files without CC (compatibility issue with some workflows)
[CXT-HOTFIX] Fixed font size
[CXT-290] Fixed SMPTE timecode after rewrap
[CXT-289] Removed illegal qualities for ProRes and DNxHD/DNxHR export settings
[CXT-HOTFIX] Added detailed wav file logging

Version 1.9.97 Official Release

Major change:

Metadata Edit tab deprecated and all features moved to Standalone Metadata Editor (CineXmeta)

Bug fixes:

[CXT-174] Fixed audio monitoring on PC platform (silent audio in right channel)

[SUP-136] Fixed frame rate detection in Metadata tab
[SUP-294] Fixed XDCAM op1A insert issue on Mac OS Mojave
[CXT-175] Fixed frame rate detection for files less than 1 second duration
[CXT-280] Fix padded/unpadded detection for files less than 1 second duration
[CXT-273] Fixed multichannel interleaved WAV audio channel selection on Mac platform

Version 1.9.96 Official Release

New features:
[CXT-136] Added MXF labels edit
[CXT-166] Added multi-source insert to Agent
[CXT-194] Added metadata preservation preferences to Insert, Trim/Extend, Rewrap tabs and Auto-rewrap.

Bug Fixes:
[CXT-187] Fixed wrong pixel aspect ratio in CineXtools-generated DNxHD files
[CXT-192] Fixed Mac installer issue
[CXT-196] fixed SMPTE start timecode on rewrap or cut/concat functions for op1A MXF
[CXT-199] Fixed duration issue where duration was N+1 after trim.
[CXT-255] Fixed crash if agent closed during insert
[CXT-255] Fixed Adobe 2020.x Prores Quicktime (MOV)insert support
[CXT-256] Fixed source file parsing for non-latin letters
[CXT-215] Fixed Cut/Concat insert crash and/or corrupt file in certain cases
[CXT-218] Fixed manual edit of 608 closed captions track with "truncation error" (Usually 23.98 files with CC added by loading an SCC file)

Version 1.9.95 Official Release


(CDK-525) Added support for “Step audio” = frame-by-frame playback of audio for QC (user preference)
(CDK-565) Added Op1a audio labels editing to metadata editor
(CDK-570) Added Op1a color range editing to metadata editor
(CDK-566) Added Op1a track index number editing to metadata editor
(CDK-656) Increased max channel count to 32 for interleaved audio tracks
(CDK-660) Added support for XAVC CBG with AMA GrowingFileStyle flag
(CDK-680) Cxt CC editor: 608 whitespace (spaces) formatting converted to true 708 formatting in conversion to 708
(CDK-680b) Added SCC file parsing utility for troubleshooting SCC files that produce errors on import.

Bug fixes:

(CDK-544) Fixed PCM to AES3 conversion for 16bit audio
(CDK-555) CineXtools UI no longer allows essence insert to XDCAM EX 1440 and EX 35 (invalid qualities, use “insert with rewrap”)
(CDK-256) Fixed issue with AMA plugin not asking permission to overwrite a file with the same name
(CDK-621) Fixed non-zero index sid for footer without index data (Op1a XDCAM issue for certain file creator)
(CDK-635) Fixed erroneous “frame rate mismatch” message on attempt to insert 23.98fps files
(CDK-636) Export tool: fixed audio labels in exported file for quicktime player
(CDK-641) Fixed opening certain op1A mxf files
(CDK-656) Fixed erroneous busy indicator being displayed on preview after ejecting file
(CDK-657) Fixed reverse playback for XDCAM
(CDK-673) Fixed XDCAM export in Mac Adobe export plugin
(CDK-684) Fix insert with rewrap for XDCAM EX 35
(CDK-685) Fixed audio insert for non-identical channel count source and target files for “insert with rewrap”
(CDK-701) Fixed 3rd party detection of 608 CC track in MOV files created by Cinedeck AMA export plugin
(CDK-700) Fixed file duration corruption in QT7 Player after changing some audio metadata