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PC: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/nwoe6c3om5ytn7hstxbcp/cineXtranscoder-2.0.15.msi?rlkey=l2zgthgk1v4j2dr4foahkujlt&dl=0

CineX Remote Insert Agent


ProRes PAD Rewrap Utility:



What’s new:

  • Licensing no longer require local Admin permissions

  • CineXMeta: Undo TAPT restrictions and matching CLEF and CLAP

  • CineXMeta: Add TC with fps

  • CineXTools: Fix b64a (prores) to YUV color shift

  • CineXtools - XDCAM decoder replacement (fixes apparent brightness changes in dark images)

Full Release Notes:

  • All - Changed API used to scrape drive serial to remove Admin requirement for licensing

  • All - Write “Cinedeck” flag in all files for use by Cinedeck and 3rd Party applications

  • CineXtools - Fixed ‘insert with rewrap’ duration

  • CineXtools - Preserve pcm wrapping type

  • CineXtools - Fix TC shifts when adopting to low fpsCineXtools - dpp rewrap fix

  • CineXtools - create cc thumbnails using decoded reader

  • CineXtools - Fix guess endianess flag for in24 atom

  • CineXtools - Fix cea708 display window command processing

  • CineXtools - Fix MACOS utf16 read for libmxf

  • CineXtools - Fix concat insert for XDCAM

  • CineXtools - Fix b64a (prores) to YUV color shift

  • CineXtools - Fix CC style selector

  • CineXtools - Sidecar CC TC mismatch warning

  • CineXtools - Fix for NV channel label

  • CineXMeta - Minor fix for fields validation issue

  • CineXMeta - Documents folder rename

  • CineXMeta - HDR fixes

  • CineXMeta - Fix CineXmeta presets

  • CineXMeta - Track labels edit fix

  • CineXMeta - Check if crop data was changed

  • CineXMeta - Added new PASP values

  • CineXMeta - Fix playback crash on broken mxf

  • CineXMeta - Set correct icon target for shortcuts

  • CineXMeta - Fix for decoding AAC LC without descriptor

  • CineXMeta - CLLI expand numeric limits to full 32bit width

  • CineXMeta - fix comparison pasp values

  • CineXMeta - migrate to higher level restripe logic

  • CineXMeta - fix crash if “commit changes” selected during playback

  • CineXMeta - Undo tapt restrictions and matching clef and clap

  • CineXMeta - Add tc with fps