Transcoder - Quickstart Guide

CineXtranscoder is now software-encode only and available both on Mac and PC.

Software-encoded files are not backwards-compatible with older GPU encoded files.

Download and unzip the correct installer from the CineX Suite Current Software downloads page:

CineXtools supports insert edit to H264 files that are generated as an insertable H264 through Cinedeck software.

You can create an Insertable h264 by first exporting your program file from either the CineX Premiere/Media Composer plugin or by transcoding an already-exported file using CineXtranscoder. You can then open the resulting file in CineXtools and set up an insert in the way you normally would.

CineXtranscoder is a watch-folder transcoder tool that allows the user to create insert-ready h264 files from, for example, an exported ProRes or DNxHR master.


  1. Select a folder to watch for source files for transcoding


  2. Select an output folder for the transcoded file


  3. If desired, select a post-processing action and destination folder for the source files once the transcode is complete.


  4. If desired, add a suffix to the transcoded file name. Otherwise it will be identical to the source file name.


  5. Choose the target file settings from a preset, for instance Vimeo 1080, or enter “custom” and set up a user-defined preset.


  6. Presets do have some options, eg AAC vs PCM for audio encoding, MOV or MP4 for wrapper, which should be set according to the delivery requirements. Audio source refers to which channels from the source file will be used for the stereo pair in this Vimeo profile in an MP4 wrapper.


  7. Press start to start watching the source folder.

    As files are added, they will automatically be transcoded to the current settings.

  8. To stop watching or to change to another preset, press cancel.


 The full CineXtranscoder user interface: