Tools - Machine Key

cineXtools uses Licensing for anti-piracy protection. This guide will instruct you on activating your cineX license through Cinedeck Licensing from version 2.0.7 onwards.


If you download the software without a paid license, in version 2.0.15 functionality will be limited to working with files of 5 mins in length or less. In versions 2.0.13 and older, no functionality will be available without a paid license.


  1. Start with downloading and installing the latest version. Find it in here.

  2. Get your app licensed. In order to generate a license, you must obtain a Machine ID. Start with launching the app.

  3. Immediately upon opening cineXtools you will be presented with a licence warning, which provides you details of where it’s expecting the licence file and the Machine Key to generate the file needed. If you are on 2.0.13 or later and chose to do a trial upon opening the program, just close CineXtools and upon reopening, you should once again be presented with the machine id.