Plugins - Machine Key

cineXplugins use Licensing for anti-piracy protection. This guide will instruct you on activating your cineX license through Cinedeck Licensing from version 2.0.7 onwards.

The Cinedeck plugins for Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve are not yet Apple Silicon native so if you are running an M series based Mac please perform these steps before opening the software:

If you download the software without a paid license functionality will be limited to:

  • cineXplugins : exporting an insertable H.264 or ProRes file


  1. Start with downloading and installing the latest version. Find it in here.

  2. Get your app licensed. In order to generate a license, you must obtain a Machine ID. Start with launching the app and follow the platform specific logos below:



Once Adobe plugin in installed and Premiere has been restarted, open a sequence and follow the steps below:

  1. Select Export Tab

  2. Select Cinedeck Insert

  3. Select insert parameters

  4. Copy Machine code from the bottom of the parameter page


If you select export without a valid licence, you will receive the following error. If you believe you are licensed correctly, please contact support here


Once Mediacomposer Please take the following steps:

  • Open a sequence


  • Select File> Output - Export to file:


  • Choose a file > Select options


  • Pick Export As - CinedeckInsert and you will be presented with the Machine id where you can click and copy




  • Login your Project and select the Deliver tab > Select Format = Cinedeck Insert Writer >

  • Select and copy Machine id


With this Machine Key, you can now visit the Customer Dashboard to generate a licence file and following this guide Generating and Downloading a license