Latest Release (cineX products)

If you have the cineX Everything Bundle, you will want to download and install all the software below.

Please be sure to activate your license through iLok License Manager. If you download the software without a paid license functionality will be limited to:

  • cineXplugins : exporting an insertable H.264 or ProRes file

  • cineXmeta: being able to view your file

  • cineXtools: no functionality

  • cineX transcoder: fully functional. This is a free application to create insertable H.264 files.



AMA Plugin

Adobe Plugin


What’s new:


  • Support YUV10 SD Uncompressed

  • Inserts from source with AAC audio

  • Rovi 13.0 version update

  • Allow Progressive/Interlaced patches insert into Progressive/Interlaced masters

  • Set default audio settings to be 1:1 rather than silence in the multi-insert audio routing

  • Add mono label

  • Update sample description for PCM tracks


  • Support of Audio-only MOV

  • DVCPro support