Software Downloads

If you have the cineX Suite, you will want to download and install the needed software below, our most current release is at the top. If you’d like to try the CineXsuite and haven’t yet signed up for a trial, please do so on our website.

After purchase, please be sure to activate your license. If you download the software without a paid license functionality will be limited to:

  • CineXtools: 2.0.13 and later allow full functionality when working with files of 5 mins in length or less, for 2.0.12 and older the standard installer has no functionality, and requires a full license for use.

  • CineXplugins : exporting an insertable H.264 or ProRes file

  • CineXmeta: being able to view your file

  • CineXtranscoder: fully functional. This is a free application to create insertable H.264 files.

  • ProRes PAD Rewrap Utility: fully functional. This is a free application to create insertable ProRes files.

  • CineX Remote Insert Agent: fully functional. This is a free application that allows third parties to perform inserts generated in a licensed version of CineXtools.

For a temporary fully funcitonal trial license please send an email to

Please note that for Mac, macOS 12.6.8 (Monterey) or greater is required. For macOS Big Sur and earlier use version 2.0.10 or earlier.

Note: In order to activate your license and use cineX products with the Cinedeck license, you will need to be in Admin mode. If you are not able to be in Admin mode for licensing and usage, please purchase iLok Licensing.

Admin privileges are no longer required for SW 2.0.15 and greater.