iLok Licensing CineXtools, CineXmeta and CineXplugins

cineXtools, cineXmeta and cineX plugins use iLok for anti-piracy protection. This guide will instruct you on activating your cineX licenses through iLok License Manager.

For floating iLok licenses check out

To access the latest software, please review the latest software page here.

If you have any questions about licensing and cineX Suite, please contact

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • I’ve activated my license through ILM, but it’s still saying there’s no license activated.

    • Update to the latest version of iLok License Manager.


  1. Download and install iLok License Manager

  2. Sign into iLok License Manager with your user ID and password.

    1. Note: The user ID is the same ID that you would have submitted when you purchased cineXtools or signed up for a cineXtools trial.



  4. RIGHT click on the license you want to activate, then select ACTIVATE. If this is a trial, you will want to activate the entire folder of licenses and you can do this by selecting the folder to activate.


  5. A new dialog box will open up asking where you want to activate your license. If you don’t have an iLok USB key, then you will want to activate your license to your desktop system.

    • Note: if you want to move the license around to different workstations, you will need deactivate and reactivate your license through iLok License Manager and will need to have ILM installed on each of the systems.