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Follow these next steps to license a product of cineX Suite

Note** The following steps only apply for Cinedeck/ non-iLok licensing.

Some versions of M1/ M2 Apple products are incompatible with cineX suite. If you are using cineX suite on an M1/ M2 Apple product and are experiencing issues, please install Rosetta for Mac.

Note: In order to activate your license (SW V12- V13) and use cineX products with the Cinedeck license, you will need to be in Admin mode (on all steps: downloading, launching and using the SW). If you are not able to be in Admin mode for licensing and usage, please purchase iLok Licensing.

Admin privileges are no longer required since SW 2.0.15



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For trial license and cineX Suite license holders, there are multiple software downloads for full access.

You will be prompted to obtain a machine key when you install and launch a cineX Suite product. Then, a license can be generated in your cineXtools account.

Note** The following guide apply only for iLok licensing.

If you have a Legacy iLok license, please click on the logo for the iLok guide for cineX products for installation and activation of your licenses.


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