Cinedeck Server MX (Licensed): cinedeckMX-server-2.0.14.msi

Cinedeck Server RX (Licensed): cinedeckRX3G-server-2.0.14.msi

Cinedeck Server MX (Preview): cinedeckMX-server-preview-2.0.14.msi

Cinedeck Server RX (Preview): cinedeckRX3G-server-preview-2.0.14.msi

Cinedeck Client


What’s new:

  • Playlist creator and playlist playback in Cinedeck Client

  • Analog CC extraction to SRT and SCC

  • SRT sidecar generation

  • SCC sidecar generation

  • LUT Support

  • ASIO Playout

  • Allow J2K GPU codec for non ZX machines

  • Validation for DF/NDF in stream settings

  • Image overlays

  • Improve Blackmagic Design card support

  • License status API endpoint

  • Field 1 interpolation deinterlacer (yuv8 and rgb8)