Cinedeck Server MX (Licensed): https://www.dropbox.com/s/6n5473hpec5bgmr/cinedeckMX-server-2.0.6.msi?dl=0

Cinedeck Server RX (Licensed): https://www.dropbox.com/s/klsdhe96tth731k/cinedeckRX3G-server-2.0.6.msi?dl=0

Cinedeck Server MX (Preview): https://www.dropbox.com/s/p3ndcvxqsbl1p2v/cinedeckMX-server-preview-2.0.6.msi?dl=0

Cinedeck Server RX (Preview): https://www.dropbox.com/s/adp2364btrposk0/cinedeckRX3G-server-preview-2.0.6.msi?dl=0

Cinedeck Client



What’s new:

  • Add connection status for SRT input

  • Add SRT record without transcode (ReWrap record)

  • Support only inputs and only outputs channel on client side

  • Add IMX op1A profile with rec709 transfer characteristics

  • Add IMX op1A Color Matrix, Color Primaries, Transfer Characteristics to be BT601

  • IMX DAR editor tool

  • Add support of 6i2o mode

  • VDCP tester

  • Encode Quicksync h264 on Intel 10900K CPU

  • Schedule record over midnight

  • Enabled dnx290 for yuv10

  • Add genTCOffset field in stream settings

  • Possibility to set segment in string/timecode format over API

  • Add option for auto play file after loading

  • Playout key/fill using alpha channel from TGA file

  • Add XML and AAF for Avid MXF

  • Duplicate schedule event via context menu

  • Add CBR/VBR and Field Wrapped options for J2K

  • Show unavailable inputs online/offline status

  • 1 KLV field option for J2K

  • Add input audio delay setting

  • Analog audio source ASIO

  • Consolidate error messages to a single popup

  • Input overlay settings

  • Add padding field for ProRes and H264

  • SDI optional by default


  • No errors on input when fps is higher or lower that in SRT stream

  • Settings are not reset to the Base settings. Hide Deck UI Mode

  • Eject button is not work on server

  • Invalid segment duration with drop frames

  • Remote preview CPU usage optimization

  • h265 key frame detection

  • Settings do not persist in alpha channel ui mode

  • Kronos high fps fixed playout and playback charout

  • Faild to write 0 frame

  • USB TC support improvement

  • ITV - Signpost APP- Last frame record

  • Segment setting only available for Primary Encoder

  • 4i mode for rx3g

  • YUV10 charout crash

  • Proper support for 2 Matrox card in 4k mode

  • Stop playback when RS422 Jog mouse stop

  • Not properly updated settings in UHD mode

  • With parameter %g, in path displayed this parameter instead of value

  • Scan folder for media does not work well for opAtom MXF

  • MOV broken when segment record enabled and unpadded prores selected

  • SDI do not work with 4o/8o firmware