Cinedeck Support

Cinedeck Ingest solutions are used for a broad set of applications, from undersea exploration to 24/7 multi-cam reality TV. In each application there are different workflows, source types, resolutions framerates, codecs, wrappers……..

The varied workflows and applications make it impossible for Cinedeck to test every use case and while we make every effort to release bug free software and software updates there is a chance that we haven't tested your specific use case.

So before using a new release of Cinedeck software for a production we request that you thoroughly test it using your workflow. If you encounter any issues please raise a support ticket and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

We specifically designed our software to run separate installations so your previous versions will still work, so don't un-install your previous working version.

If you encounter a bug on a new or existing version of our software please create a ticket and we will follow the process below to assist you.

To prepare for support look at:

Support Workflow.jpeg