Restoring Cinedeck EX to factory OS and final version

The following instructions will help you restore the Cinedeck EX to the factory OS with the final version of the Cinedeck software.

Here is the link to download

Prepare the USB stick
You will need a USB with at least 2GB or more.
Quick format the USB FAT32.
When you finish downloading the zip file "Full EX USB Restore", extract the contents of the zip file to the USB stick. There should be 5 folders and 3 files copied to the USB stick.

We need to open the command prompt on a Windows PC machine.
-Click on start button.
-type cmd in the "search programs and files", you should see cmd.exe show up under programs. right click it and select "run as administrator."
D: (or whatever the stick drive letter is)

Follow the instructions to make the USB bootable. Once the procedure is done, close the command prompt window and safely eject the USB stick.

Restoring the system with the latest image:
-With the Cinedeck off, remove and turn off any USB or SSD media from the system.
-Insert the Cinedeck restore key.
-Power on the Cinedeck.
-The restore process will automatically begin.
-When finished, the screen will display "press enter to continue". Hold power button for 5 seconds to shutdown the system.
-Remove Cinedeck restore USB.
-Power on the Cinedeck and the system has been restored with the latest software. You can confirm the version in the prefs page.