Server Licensing

Licensing the server

Launch Cinedeck Server Software:

  • After launching, you'll be presented with the End User License Agreement (EULA).

  • Read through the agreement carefully.

  • Click "Accept" to proceed. (fig1)


Select License Option:

  • Once you've agreed to the EULA, you'll be presented with options to license the server.

  • Choose the second option: "I am an end user registering the server for the first time." (fig 3.)

Obtain Hash Key:

  • Selecting the above option will display a hash key on the screen.

  • Copy this key and email it to Cinedeck: ( along with your license duration and order number.

You will receive an email back with a license file.

  1. Save the license on the server.

  2. Click on “apply license key”.

  3. A pop-up will appear where you can select supplied license.

  4. Select the license file and click on apply.

  • Once the license is applied successfully, your server(s) will be licensed and ready for use.

  • If you have multiple Cinedeck Servers, repeat steps for each server.