2110 note for some systems.

add to config.ini:




I think we need to force to turn off FEC.

We do normally auto detect this in conjunction with the SFP/switch but maybe this doesn’t work properly in this case.



You can disable/enable FEC through a registry key at:

Registry key: (path can be slightly different towards DSX SDK version)

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\PCI\VEN_102B&DEV_9020&SUBSYS_9000102B&REV_00\4&5128130&0&0018\Device Parameters\SfpControl


sub-key name: FecOverride Type: DWORD


= 0 // Normal driver control
= 1 // No FEC

The normal behavior is that we let the network handle this automatically or e.g. turn of FEC if the SFP EPROM tells us so.

There might be something going wrong there with the SFP/switch you have in this case so you can manually turn off FEC with the above registry key.



You can find the list of validated transceivers in installation manual of the LE5 2110 card which comes with the SKD installer.


The telemetry I wanted was for the SFP module itself and not for the SFP module pertaining to
SMPTE 2059. That telemetry will give you the info about the SFP itself: