Starting the Cinedeck Client UI for the first time.

Launch the Cinedeck Client Software

Please make sure your start the Cinedeck server and the Server software so the client can connect.

For the initial login, select the "Super User" icon.

The Software will prompt you to Connect to a Deck, click Connect.

If this pop up does not appear it means the client already has settings from a previous session if you would proceed without any settings go to

The Add deck dialog will appear, where you need to add the IP address of the Cinedeck server you want to control from the client.

Type in the IP address of your Cinedeck server. Once done the light will go green when the deck is found and the deck name will be added. Click Save.

Next you will be prompted to Assign Channels.

Click Assign

Then you will be asked what settings you would like to assign to each channels select Use Preset for each

The software will automatically load all the channels into the viewers and assign the Default preset

Click on Presets on the top left (fig1)

Double click on the Default Preset (fig2)

Select the encoder settings Icon on viewer 1 to configure your source and record info

Choose your input type and select Auto-Detect

The detected signal will go green when the source resolution and framerate are recognized.

Next you need to setup up your record codec/s and record destination/s from the dropdowns.

Click on the Primary encoder tab in the encoder window

Select your codec (fig1)

Select codec Quality (fig2)

Select Wrapper (fig3)


At the bottom of this window you can select your record destination

You can do the same for the Proxy encoder or disable it by un-checking the enable box. (fig4)

Close the encoder setting tab by clicking on the X on the top right.

Now you are ready for your first record.

And hit record.

After you stop the recording you can review it by pressing the play button on the bottom left of the viewer.

Your next question is probably “Where is the file and what is it named?”

Your first recording will be found here:

Record destination:\Default\Input1\Primary\

For more information on setting your folder and file naming please see

For more info on working with presets see